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Welcome to the world of creativity of my digital artwork.
I´m Christian, a chilean architect with a profound interest in arts and digital visualization.
As an architecture student I heard a professor talking about fractals, which got me interested in this kind of geometry. Years later, now as a graduated architect, I re-discovered fractals looking for a creative escape and as a way to expand my creativity.
I define myself as a self-taught digital artist where my passion started as a simple pastime. Seeing my passion and talent appreciated by many fans, it became particularly serious when I was discovered and selected to exhibit in Florence Biennale 2017 and Paris Art Shopping 2017 by prestigious gallerist, jurist, curator and fine artist Mona Youssef, who is also a member of the International Selection Committee for Florence Biennale. Such opportunity is opening the world of art where my dream is becoming reality.
At present day, I`m represented by Mona Youssef Gallery, becoming part of her artist catalogue.
I hope you´ll enjoy my digital work, and you are welcome to come back, as there will be always new artwork. Should you have have further inquiries, please feel free to contact me.
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Please fill out the following form should you have any questions or inquiries about my artwork. I´ll be pleased to respond promptly. 
For further communications / inquiries / projects, please contact representative Mona Youssef at: www.monayoussefgallery.com

Chris Fierro Digital Artist

Avenida Costanera 7488 
San Pedro de La Paz, 
Tel: +569 93094749

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